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So, interested in sending a fax through the web? Not as hard as it might sound. Did you know that, depending on what computer you have, you may already have pre-existing fax software on your computer? It is a good idea to check before spending much money.

You will then need a fax service (sometimes). Fax services are relatively inexpensive, and usually charge per month. Search the internet for good fax service providers, and find one that fits your needs and your budget. You may also need to acquire a modem to send faxes, depending upon what computer you have and what attachments you have added to it.

Once you are all set up, check your manuals and instructions to set it up. It should all be fairly simple, just the quick installing of modems and/or software and hooking up a scanner. You should be up and running in no time! Congratulations on your choice to communicate with the future, instead of in the past. And pat yourself on the back for all the trouble you have just saved yourself, as faxing through the web is the easiest faxing you will ever do! Trust me on this one. The choice is a good one.

Internet faxing, or online faxing as it is also known, refers to the process of sending a fax via an email account. When you are faxed in this manner the fax is converted to a file and emailed to you as an attachment. You can then open this fax as many times as you need and the fax will be saved to your computer for any future reference.

All you need for Internet faxing is an Internet connection, an email account and a subscription to an Internet faxing service. This immediately cuts your business costs as you don't have to fork out for the actual fax machine or the paper and print cartridges that it takes. Big Plus, there is no need for an extra fax phone line.

With Internet faxing you get a wide range of features that you wouldn't get with your average fax machine. You get to track and a report of all your faxes, whether you have sent or received the fax. This stops the problem that is common with a fax machine, that problem is lost faxes. No longer will you have to worry about this as you will have a clear record of everyone you have faxed and everyone who has faxed you. Most of your faxes can be stored online for around 30 days for most online fax services, some have longer periods. Remember, you can also store and save all your faxes to your email system or computer.





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